Following Pope Francis’s call for environmental justice in his encyclical Laudato Si, the Circle of Creation committee formed to lead our parish’s efforts to care for all of creation. The group works to provide educational opportunities for the parish to learn about and act in the interest of environmental justice.

The Circle of Creation Committee meets on 4th Sundays of the month after the 10:30 Mass, either in the Ballroom or the 7th floor of Jesuit Hall.

If you'd like to join the Circle of Creation Committee, please contact Christine Dragonette,


“Green Corner” Updates:

The Circle of Creation Committee (CCC) is here to help you decide how and where to dispose of unwanted household items such as used batteries, lightbulbs, electronics, and much more. The following websites/organizations offer detailed information:


We truly appreciate how eager our parishioners are to cooperate in the recycling efforts at our parish events, especially in the Ballroom. Below are a few reminders and/or updates:

1. Napkins and paper towels are NOT recyclable and should be placed in the trash/landfill bins.

2. NO LIQUIDS in Trash/Landfill or single-stream recycling bins.

3. Place any open containers still containing liquid into the white dishpan on the bar. 

4. Single-Stream Recycling at SFX (via SLU) now accepts Plastics #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. 

5. If you are unsure of where to dispose of an item be sure to read the available signs and/or ask a person in charge of the event.