College Church Celebrates 175 years! 


Dear Parishioners and Friends of College Church,

This year we mark our 175th anniversary. Before there was the Arch, Ted Drewe’s, or even the Cardinals there was St. Francis Xavier (College) Church. I say that not to boast but to show just how far our roots extend. It is with profound gratitude to God we celebrate this historic milestone.

Our faith community over many years has seen both continuity and change. We were founded in 1841 to serve the growing English-speaking population of St. Louis, primarily Irish immigrants. Schools and social programs for the poor soon developed. The care of souls was done through the celebration of the sacraments and spiritual formation. The parish retained strong ties to Saint Louis University the source of our well-known nickname, the College Church.

Our commitment to these values is undiminished but looks a bit different. We continue to educate and form children through our Religious Education programs. Social outreach programs have changed with the times but our willingness to serve our sisters and brothers in need remains essential to our identity. College Church retains and cherishes its connection to SLU. Our faith community gathers in a beautiful church to be nourished by the Lord just as we have for 175 years. 

No one knows the future. I can say with great confidence, though, College Church will be rooted in our best traditions while unafraid to embrace new realities. We give thanks for what has been and seek God’s help for whatever is to come. I am also certain the generosity, compassion, and faithfulness of all who call this place home will remain. 

God bless.

Fr. Dan White, SJ

Upcoming Events

June 4, 2017                   Parish Picnic following the Pentecost Mass

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